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Nunu’s Q has a new stacking system you should know about

It ships with the release of Patch 6.20.

Riot Games

Nunu, one of League’s oldest Champions, is looking at some pretty hefty buffs in Patch 6.20. The boy and his yeti have fallen on tough times recently, but Riot aims to change that by adding some great quality of life changes as well as a overall power increase.

First, Nunu will now have his passive, Visionary, which grants him a free ability cast after five auto-attacks, when the game begins. This should help reduce the cost of his initial clear. Moreover, Nunu will get a free application of Visionary every time he returns to base, giving a little love to his mana bar over the course of the game.

The big changes, however, are coming to his Q, Consume. The infamous “Second Smite” will no longer afford players a specific buff according to which monster Nunu’s yeti, Willump, took a bite out of. Instead, when Nunu uses Consume on a jungle monster, he will gain a stack of Well Fed.

Well Fed is a new buff that stacks up to five times and grants Nunu increased movement speed, health, and size. This buff will fall off 50-70 seconds after Consuming a monster depending on level. This change is massive for Nunu players as it allows for even better clear and gank potential, an area where Nunu has always struggled.

Finally, Nunu’s Ultimate, Absolute Zero, saw a few changes. It no longer has a short, 0.25 second delay before the channel. The slow now also increases over time. When Nunu uses Absolute Zero, it still slows all enemies in the area by 50%, however, it now also increases up to a staggering (literally) 95% slow over the duration.

With these changes, we may actually see Nunu pop back up in the game. Not only should it help him be a more satisfying Champion to play, but it should also help make him a more desirable teammate to have. Now maybe we can see the true potential of the Absolute Zero/Realm Warp combo!