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Ivern’s win rate has jumped by double digits

Sure enough, it takes time for people to learn new champions!

Riot Games

When Ivern was released, League’s newest jungler came out with a very low win rate. That’s not all that unexpected for new champions, especially for champions that introduce entire new systems to the game, but it was still very low -- enough for a hotfix.

Well, surprise, surprise, one patch later and Ivern’s win rate is way up. Going by ranked data from Platinum and above from, Ivern’s win rate started around 34 percent, ended at 36.17 percent by the end of 6.19, and in 6.20 rose all the way to 47.83 percent. His play rate fell two percent, too.

Interesting enough, there’s a larger spike for players in their first five-to-15 games with Ivern.

Ivern also appears to be a late-game monster, which is no surprise due to his objective control and utility in team fights (as well with his synergy with items, more on that in a second).

Iverns have mostly been building hybrid damage/tank items, and the double slow with Iceborn Gauntlet and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter just seems nasty with his already sticky kit.

Here’s the most popular mastery page, as well, which has a very impressive 56.15 percent win rate.

While Ivern’s win rate has risen significantly, he still ranks 40th out of 47 junglers on At support, his win rate has risen from 35.93 percent to 44.79 percent, ranking 24th out of 26 at the position.