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Get to know the new items in LoL Season 7

Learn about Control Wards, Edge of Night, Knight’s Vow and Redemption.

Riot Games

Amongst the litany of changes coming to League of Legends in the 2017 preseason are champion updates, extensive changes to the jungle (once again) and many more. Included are five new items, including one new warding item (replacing pink wards) and three new full items (one for assassins, the class being updated this preseason, and two for supports, who could always use a hand).

So let’s run through each of the new items coming to the game in Season 7, starting with the new vision item.

Control Ward:

This is one of multiple changes coming to Season 7, along with a new distinction between invisibility and camouflage. Control Wards will replace Vision Wards, and instead of simply revealing nearby wards, Control Wards will disable them (as well as traps). Camouflaged units (longer-term Stealths like Evelynn’s Shadow Walk) can be spotted by Control Wards, but Invisible units (shorter-term Stealths like Kha’zix’s Void Assault) can not.

You can carry up to three Control Wards at a time, but like Vision Wards, only one per player can be placed on the map at any given time.

Poacher’s Dirk:

The only item component added to the game this season, Poacher’s Dirk gives attack damage and out-of-combat movement speed, and transforms into a Serrated Dirk after stealing three large monsters from the enemy jungle.

Edge of Night:

One thing to know before we get into this one: flat armor penetration has been replaced by Lethality, which basically functions in the same way but scales on the target’s level, reducing its overwhelming power against armorless targets.

Edge of Night provides an MR alternative to Maw of Malmortius for assassins, giving slightly more attack damage and slightly less magic resistance. It also includes a spell shield active that will likely be incredibly useful for champions who want to jump in and do some work.

Knight’s Vow:

We’ve now moved into the support section of the new items, starting with Knight’s Vow, which gives health and armor. It also has a unique interaction similar to Kalista’s passive and Zeke’s Harbinger -- you pick another champion to be your “Partner,” giving both you extra tankiness while you are near each other and the owner of the item additional movement speed towards their Partner.


Our last and final item is another tanky support item, this one providing health, health and mana regen and cooldown reduction. This item also increases the powers of your heals and shields (hi, Nami!) and has an active ability that calls down a beam of light to heal allies and damage enemies.

The kicker: this active can be used even when dead. Get ready for a post-mortem support Pentakill, coming to an internet near you sometime next year.