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Leblanc update details: New ability kit after the rework

She can make a clone of herself anywhere on the map now.

Riot Games

Of the four champions with major reworks in this preseason’s assassin update, Leblanc might have had the least actually changed. Instead of a wholesale new approach to her kit, power has been moved around between abilities in an attempt to lean into her identity as The Deceiver.

Specifically, her old passive is now a part of her ultimate, and the mark from her Q ability has been moved to her passive (and applies on all abilities).

What does that mean? All of her abilities now inflict Sigil of Malice, which changes how Leblanc will combo. If she procs Sigil of Malice with her Q, the ability will now bounce to the nearest Sigil of Malice as well.

Leblanc’s ultimate is arguably the biggest change, and the one that gives her the most in terms of deception tools. The first part of it still works in basically the same way: cast it and you can cast an empowered version of one of your spells (you can now choose which spell, however).

When Leblanc uses R, however, she now creates a second version of herself that mimics that spell (the clone’s spell does not do any damage). There’s a new ability added, too: if Leblanc uses R->R, she can create a clone of herself anywhere on the map.

Check it out in action for yourself in her new champion spotlight:

Here’s her new full kit, via Surrenderat20:

Passive: Sigil of Malice

(NEW) Leblanc's abilities inflict Sigil of Malice, which can be detonated and consumed by her other abilities after a few seconds to deal bonus damage.

Q: Shatter Orb

(NEW) Fires an orb that damages an enemy. If the orb triggers Sigil of Malice it shatters, consuming the sigil and dealing damage to the nearest available Sigil of Malice.

W: Distortion

Dashes to target location, dealing damage to all nearby enemies upon landing. Recasting Distortion within a few seconds returns Leblanc to her starting location.

E: Ethereal Chains

Launches illusionary chains in a direction, damaging and shackling the first target hit. If the target remains shackled for a few moments, they'll take additional damage and become rooted.

R: Mimic

(UPDATED) Leblanc becomes invisible for a short duration, creating a Mimic to take her place and cast a stronger version of one of her basic abilities. The Mimic lasts only for a few moments and expires if it takes damage from champions or turrets.

Mimicking Leblanc's ultimate spawns a Mimic at a target location instead. Once formed, the Mimic will walk toward the nearest visible enemy champion, casting a non-damaging version of Leblanc's most recently used ability upon arrival.