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Talon update details: New ability kit and animations

Talon: now with Parkour.

Riot Games

One of the biggest changes coming to League of Legends in the 2017 season is a rework of the assassin class, headlined by four major updates. One of those four is Talon, which until now has been better known as the champion annoying mid laners play when Zed and Yasuo are both banned.

Part of the purpose of the assassin rework was to give each champion an individual identity, and with Talon’s new kit (and sweet animations), you can certainly see that Riot wants him to be the roaming AD assassin.

Check out his new abilities in action, and pay special attention to his E, in his new champion spotlight, because Talon now does parkour. You’ll also notice his W and ultimate are basically the same as before, but have way cooler animations.

Here is his new kit, via SurrenderAt20:

Passive: Blade's End

(NEW) Talon's abilities wound champions and epic monsters for a short duration, stacking up to three times. When Talon basic attacks a fully wounded target, they bleed for a large amount of physical damage over time.

Q: Noxian Diplomacy

(UPDATED) Leaps to a target, dealing physical damage. If cast from melee range, Talon instead critically strikes the target. Whenever Noxian Diplomacy kills a unit, Talon regains a small amount of health.

W: Rake

Tosses a volley of blades in a direction, dealing physical damage and returning after a brief delay. On their return, the blades deal increased physical damage and briefly slow all enemies hit.

E: Assassin's Path

(NEW) Targeting terrain allows Talon to do a super-cool vault over it. Talon can't vault over the same terrain for a long period of time.

R: Shadow Assault

Fires a ring of blades from Talon's location, increasing movement speed and making him invisible for a few seconds. When Talon emerges from stealth, the blades converge on his location, dealing physical damage each time they pass through an enemy. If Talon breaks his stealth by basic attacking or using Noxian Diplomacy, the blades will converge on his target's location instead.