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You can now see if you’re loading properly into League of Legends games

You won’t be asking yourself “Am I still loading or did my game crash?” ever again!

Riot Games

After being added to the public beta environment last week, the small spinning circle indicator has been added to the live game with patch 6.21.

The little circle shows up at the bottom right of your screen and spins as you load in. If your game freezes, the circle should stop moving.

It’s pretty small, but this is something players have been asking for. In the past, players were able to see their loading process as a bar, but it was later changed to the simple percentage we have now.

The problem is that games still crash when the percentage hits 100, so people can’t tell if their game crashed or if somebody else’s did. So now we’ll be able to tell if we own the toaster or if we can blame somebody else!

This is one of the changes that Riot has released in their long line of player-requested game improvements. Other upcoming features include the replay system, the Practice Tool (which is kind of a sandbox mode) and Twitch’s ultimate name change.