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5 things to know from Patch 6.21, the one with Nidalee nerfs

Plus some much-needed visual updates.

Riot Games

We’re getting closer and closer to the end of the League of Legends season, as the final patches of Season 6 trickle out. Tuesday, patch notes for 6.21 were released, which is surely one of the last before the preseason starts.

It’s a small patch, as expected so shortly before major changes are coming, but that doesn’t mean its insignificant. There are a ton of bugfixes, as well as balance changes to champions both in the meta (especially in the jungle) and out.

Below, here are the five things you really need to know before stepping onto Summoner’s Rift post-Patch 6.21. If you just want the list of changes, click here. For the full patch notes, including context and added information on each change, click here.

  1. Nidalee nerfs

Nidalee’s been a problem in the jungle for, well, a long-time. She’s been a must-ban at the competitive level pretty much all season across all competitions, and her combination of early game farming power and late-game utility with poke and healing makes her very difficult to deal with, especially since she’s built to get ahead of her enemy jungler.

All three of her cooldowns in Cougar form have been increased by one second, but the biggest nerf is to her heal. It now heals based on missing health, healing significantly less to targets that are not near death.

2. Loading screen indicator incoming!

Ever been stuck in the loading screen forever and been wondering whether your client is frozen or someone just has a potato for a computer? Worry not! Starting with Patch 6.21, the loading screen will have an actual loading indicator at the bottom right of the screen. It’s of the “spinning circle” genre of loading indicators, so it should be asy to spot.

3. Zac warning!

I don’t know about you all, but in recent weeks I’ve taken to banning Zac in all of my ranked games (and when I don’t, it’s because someone else did -- it’s a pretty popular ban right now). One of the things that makes Zac so annoying to play against is the ridiculous range on Elastic Slingshot, his E.

Well, starting with 6.21, you will be able to spot a shadow when Zac is jumping towards a spot. Potential life-saver there for you mid laners.

4. Nunu nerfs

Last patch, some pretty big changes to Nunu shipped out, including a new stacking system on his Q and buffs to his ultimate.

Well, they turned out to be pretty influential, as his win rate soared to No. 1 in the game. Now the bonus health per stack on his Q has been reduced from three percent to one percent.

5. Harrowing skins and new chromas

This year’s Harrowing skins are a spooky treat, with a literal Satanic Teemo. Here he is:

Riot Games

There are also witch-themed skins for Morgana and Tristana. Also going live with this patch are a cool set of chromas for Dunkmaster Darius and Headmistress Fiora.