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Warning shadow mercifully added to Zac’s Elastic Slingshot

/collective sigh of relief echoes out into space and time

Riot Games

Since his release, Zac has been loved by jungle mains and hated by everyone else. Why? Because Zac’s E ability, Elastic Slingshot, has allowed him to stealthily leap great distances and into the faces of unsuspecting laners, offering next to no warning or counter-play. Well all of that changes in Patch 6.21, well, kind of.

In the upcoming patch, a shadow will appear on top of Zac’s landing place up to 0.75 seconds before he lands. Riot indicates that if his Elastic Slingshot distance will last shorter than 0.75 seconds, the shadow warning will appear immediately after he takes off. While 0.75 seconds doesn't seem like enough time to react to a gank, anything is better than the surprise Zac attacks of the soon-to-be distant past. Zac should also have a more accurate indication of where he is aiming when using Elastic Slingshot.

Over the years, Elastic Slingshot has been notorious for having nearly constant visual bugs (that are also pretty funny). So there is this one:

Or this really old one that you probably see all the time, even today:

Or even this one, which is just terrible:

Anyway, now that Zac’s E will warn you, best of luck avoiding him on the Rift.