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5 new facts we know about the upcoming jungle plants

Plants? Plants.

Riot Games

Riot mentioned that some big jungle changes are coming, including plants in the jungle. The company’s description of the plants was pretty ambiguous and a lot of people were scratching their heads about their mechanics.

Meddler has answered a lot of our questions on the League of Legends forums about how the plants work and what they’ll add to the game.

1.) Plants spawn randomly in pre-set locations.

While there is a slight element of RNG associated with the plants, they do not just spawn all willy-nilly. There are four plant types and each type spawns in its own quadrant in set location. You will know where the plants can be, so you’re not just on some wild goose chase.

Meddler included this map - which isn’t color-coded, don’t worry - to feature where plants will be spawning.

2.) First clear always has the plants in set locations. The variation comes from spawn times.

Your first jungle clear isn’t going to get screwed over by bad RNG. The first place the plants spawn will always be the same, but the time they spawn will differ from game to game. You will be able to eventually figure out how to predict plants and adjust your clear to them.

3.) Early-game, plants only spawn deep into the jungle.

Don’t worry about showing yourself to the enemy jungler or laners too early. Until around 15 minutes in, the plants will only appear in the deeper parts of the jungle, so they won’t have too huge of an impact about

4.) You do not get vision of enemy-used plants unless you visit that area.

It does not work like Baron or Dragon, which disappear after an enemy takes them, regardless of vision. To see plants and what’s going on with them, you have to see them yourself.

5.) Plants take 30 seconds to grow.

Unfortunately, you can’t just continuously stack plants. They do have a cooldown time where they’re unusable for 30 seconds. Because they have this cooldown, this could be used as a trail for enemy junglers to see your path! Sometimes taking the plant if you’re trying to be completely sneaky isn’t the best idea.

These numbers are tentative and still being tested, but the plants are expected to come during the preseason.