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Nunu’s win rate soars after buffs

Welcome back, yeti boy.

Riot Games

With the release of Patch 6.20, one long-neglected champion in League of Legends received some overdue quality of life changes. Nunu received an assortment of buffs, including a new Q stacking system which gives him a stack of “Well Fed” when consuming monsters:

Well Fed is a new buff that stacks up to five times and grants Nunu increased movement speed, health, and size. This buff will fall off 50-70 seconds after Consuming a monster depending on level. This change is massive for Nunu players as it allows for even better clear and gank potential, an area where Nunu has always struggled.

Well, just a few days in, and the changes appear to be working.

After a win rate that hovered around 50 percent and a play rate well below 1 percent, Nunu has been shooting up the performance rankings according to’s data of ranked games in Platinum and above: Nunu’s win rate went from 50.93 percent to 55.21 percent (second-highest in the game, behind Dr. Mundo jungle), while his play rate soared from 0.66 percent to 5.45 percent with the new patch.

And via LoLKing, take a look at the difference at Nunu’s win rate and popularity in ranked play before the patch and after (it was released October 5).

So keep your eye out for the boy and his yeti — they’re extracting some vengeance out there on the rift for months of underperformance.