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Taliyah's opening win rates were so bad she got hotfixed

When your win rate is under 36 percent at four different positions, something's got to change.

Riot Games

League of Legends' newest champion, Taliyah, has been out for around a week now. The stone mage has mostly been played in the mid lane, but her versatile kit has seen her put in four different positions pretty frequently.

Sounds good for a new release, right? Well, if you go over to and look at the four lowest win rates in the game, a pattern emerges.

Yikes. Thankfully, that's what hotfixes are for, and that's exactly what happened Monday night.

This isn't the first hotfix since the big midseason changes in Patch 6.9. Malzahar, Cassiopeia, Swain and Vladimir all received hotfixes after the mage rework.

For tips on how to play Taliyah and what to build on her, read this excellent reader-posted guide to League's newest champion!