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Kai’Sa’s background is a sad story about rejection from society

The story of the Void has finally been revealed

This stream has:

The history of League of Legends

Kai’Sa is Kassadin’s long lost daughter

Riot may have revealed more teases about upcoming champions and reworks

Riot Games now has a dedicated League lore team

Darius, Leblanc, and Katarina all get lore updates ahead of Swain’s rework

A fiery flower image hints at Annie lore changes, video clip teased (updated)

Swain teases the return of Kassadin’s daughter

Swain’s interactions hint Fiora could be League’s next LGBTQ champion

Irelia is responsible for Swain’s missing hand

Where is the League of Legends lore going?

Varus receives updated lore with comic and music video

Zoe and Targon’s lore is dropping hints of something big to come

Evelynn’s lore reveals her as one of League’s most pure evil champion

Miss Fortune takes back Bilgewater in ‘Fortune Smiles’