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Arcade Ultracombo 2019 event guide: missions, crafting, and more

Get loot for playing League, as usual

Riot Games

The Arcade Ultracombo event has started, which means that playing games of League of Legends will reward you with various other loot.

There are three missions that you can complete during the event that will give you a total of 120 tokens and a single orb to crack open for skin shards and the usual good stuff.

If you want more tokens to claim icons, ward skins, or special loading screen borders, you’ll have to dish out 1650 RP for an event pass. The Arcade Pass comes with 200 tokens, four orbs, and a special icon. Buying the pass will enable players to earn tokens for every game they play, instead of just through the given missions.

Demacia Vice goodies will be able to be unlocked later during the event.

The event will last until July 29 and tokens expire on August 14.


Note that these missions are only able to be completed in matchmade games and do not include Teamfight Tactics.

Dragon Punch

Help your team kill 8 dragons OR destroy 30 towers as a team

Reward: 30 Arcade 2019 tokens


Play 5 games using an Arcade or Battle Boss skin OR play 10 games

Reward: 30 Arcade 2019 tokens


Destroy 60 towers as a team OR earn 300,000 gold

Reward: Arcade 2019 Orb and 60 Arcade 2019 tokens


K.O chromas and icons - 300 tokens each

Riot Games

Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition - 2000 tokens

Riot Games

100 Prestige Points and Golden Cup icon - 2200 tokens

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Arcade/Battle Boss borders and icons - 250 tokens

Riot Games via Polygon

Arcade Orb - 200 tokens

K.O animated emote - 150 tokens

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D’Pengu animated emote - 150 tokens

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Game Over emote - 75 tokens

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Arcade 2019 ward skin - 125 tokens

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Pixel Arcade Poro icon - 50 tokens

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Corrupted Arcade Poro icon - 50 tokens

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