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League Pool Party 2018: Missions and crafting guide

Cool off by ... playing League of Legends, of course

Riot Games

It’s time for the yearly League of Legends Pool Party! This year, we’re getting some fun mission and some exclusive types of loot to buy.

There aren’t too many missions, but they give pretty good rewards, so get cracking on completing them! The missions will be available from Aug. 2 at 12 p.m. ET until Aug. 14 at 2:59 a.m. ET.



Win 1 game OR Get 15 kills and/or assists in PVP games

Reward: Iced Pengu icon

Riot Games

Pool Party Pals

Win a PvP game queued with at least one other teammate OR Win 3 PvP games where you placed at least 2 control wards per game

Reward: 75 Blue Essence

The Ultimate Pool Party

Win 2 games of One for All

Reward: 400 Blue Essence

Fun in the Sun (1/6)

Spend 50,000 gold AND Kill 800 minions as a team

Reward: 300 XP , Random Emote Permanent

Fun in the Sun (2/6)

Win 4 games OR Wear a Pool Party skin in a game

Reward: 300 XP, Random Ward Skin Shard

Fun in the Sun (3/6)

Deal 100,000 damage to enemy champions OR Feed 5 poros

Reward: 300 XP , 500 Blue Essence

Fun in the Not-Sun (4/6)

Win 4 games OR Wear a Snowdown skin in a game

Reward: 300 XP, Random Champion Shard

Fun in the Sun (5/6)

Destroy 40 towers as a team OR Play as Gangplank and use your ult 3 times

Reward: Hextech Chest & Key

Fun in the Sun (6/6)

Win a game of Summoner’s Rift in under 30 minutes (One for All excluded) OR Win 2 games of ARAM

Reward: Pool Party 2018 Emote

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There isn’t too much real crafting in this event, but there is special loot you can buy for Riot Points. (The crowd boos.)

Position Orbs - 295 RP each

Riot Games

These contain a random skin shard for a champ of the orb’s position, as well as a chance for a Gemstone, Gemstone skin or a crab bag.

It’s pretty self explanatory. If you pick the top lane orb, you’re going to get a skin for a champion like Aatrox, Wukong, Pantheon, etc. If you pick a jungle orb, you’ll get a skin shard for Amumu, Zac, Skarner, etc. It’s positional, so you shouldn’t get skins for champions you have zero chance of playing in the future.

Crab Bag

Riot Games

This only drops from one of the Position Orbs and has six total skin shards. One skin shard will come from each role (assassin, fighter, mage, marksman, tank and support). Note that this is not positional role, this is each class role.

For more information on what champions fill out what positions and class, check out Riot’s listing on their Pool Party post.