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Nexus Blitz guide: How to be a master of events and chaos

The game mode is still in alpha, but here are some good tips

Riot Games

League of Legends’ newest game mode to be tested is Nexus Blitz, a chaotic event-based mode that takes place on a tiny map. Currently, Riot is testing the game on live servers to see if it has potential to stay as a new permanent game mode, next to ARAM and Summoner’s Rift.

The game is set up like nothing we’ve ever seen before, but lucky for you, I’ve played some games on the Public Beta Environment to help you out.

The Premise

Take the other team’s Nexus. Sound familiar?

Two players jungle and three players lane. The map is set up so the two lanes are at the bottom and they’re only separated by some terrain and a thin bush. One player can easily travel between the lanes, ganking and helping out whoever might need it.

Simultaneously, the junglers are farming shared XP and gold. While they can also help gank lanes, they’re going to be more focused on farming up and running around the map and helping with events.

Riot Games

The Events

Several spontaneous events will happen throughout your game, forcing you and the enemy team to try to win these tiny games within the game. Whoever wins will get a pretty helpful buff.

Bardle Royale

Yes, battle royale is coming to League. In this event, a flaming circle quickly closes in on a specific area and you lose health rapidly when you’re outside of the circle. When you die, you’re dead permanently until the event ends. The last one standing wins the event for the team.

There is a variant of this event that makes one person on each team gigantic, with buffed stats.

Push the Cart

A payload cart spawns in the middle of one of the lanes. Push the cart to the closest enemy objective to win (and blow up the objective!) You have to stand next to the cart to push it, but having enemies stand next to the cart while you’re pushing it will prevent it from moving.

If you don’t complete the event fast enough, the Mecha Zero Sion train cart will ult into one of the objectives!

There is also a variant of this event where you will be assigned to attack or defend solely.

Loot Teemo

A Lil’ Devil Teemo spawns on the map and you can attack him for gold. Whoever last hits the Teemo also gets their team a buff.

Riot Games

King of the Hill

A control point spawns on a random point on the map and you have to stand on it to capture it. Similarly to the payload event, you have to make sure your enemies are not on it at the same time to capture it.

URF Deathmatch

Every player is given an URF buff and three lives. Get rid of your opponents lives before they get rid of yours to win. Cooldown timers are ridiculously short on this, just like URF.

Prize Fight

Champions are split into two 2v2s and one 1v1. Whichever team wins the most duels wins the event. These matchups are decided by how much gold each player has.

Sudden Death

At 18 minutes, a final event occurs to end the game. Each team gets a Walking Nexus, which is just a huge beefy minion. Kill the enemy’s to win the game, while also protecting your own. Both Nexuses will walk towards the middle of the map.

Tips and Tricks

  • Poppy can use her ultimate to hammer players out of the circle in Bardle Royale!
  • When the event timer begins to count down, start to congregate towards the middle of the map. You don’t know what event is may be or where it will spawn, but this will put every location within reach.
  • A good chunk of the old League items are back. Yep, this means you can buy a Deathfire Grasp, so you can definitely craft the most explosive builds possible.
  • If you see your jungler alone doing a camp or buff later, feel free to get in there. Get that shared gold, XP and buff!
  • If you do well without dying, you’ll be on fire, boosting your stats a ton, but increasing the amount of damage you take. Make use of your new amount of burst, but be careful — you give a good chunk of gold away to your killer.

Do you have your own tips or secrets to bring home a win? Let us know about them in the comments!