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Curse of the Drowned event guide: Missions and crafting

Pyke is bringing some fun stuff in with his release

Riot Games

Pyke’s release is bringing in a fun new event that includes missions, crafting and a return of the Butcher’s Bridge map to ARAMs.

As usual, this stuff can get a little confusing. We’ll explain it.


There aren’t too many missions and they give pretty good rewards, like a free Masterwork Chest and an emote! You do not have to have any specific icons equipped or anything like that to complete the missions.

All of these missions must be completed in matchmade games, which means Co-op vs. AI does work, but custom games do not.

Welcome to the Slaughter Docks

Win 1 game OR Get 15 kills and/or assists in PvP games

Reward: Serpent Crest Icon

Riot Games via Surrender@20

The Bloodharbor Ripper

Win 1 game as Pyke OR Win 4 PvP games either with or against Pyke

Reward: Hextech Chest & Key

Crossed Off the List

Get 120 kills and/or assists AND Destroy 30 towers and/or inhibitors as a team

Reward: The Ripper Ward

Riot Games via Surrender@20

Blood Drenched Streets

Win 4 games of Bilgewater ARAM OR Collect 150,000 gold

Reward: Masterwork Chest & Key

Legends of Bilgewater (1 of 4)

Win a PvP game with Tahm Kench on your team OR Spend 40,000 gold

Reward: 500 Blue Essence

Legends of Bilgewater (2 of 4)

Win a PvP game with Nautilus on your team OR Deal 20,000 damage to objectives

Reward: 500 Blue Essence

Legends of Bilgewater (3 of 4)

Win a PvP game with Illaoi on your team OR Win 3 games where you either placed a Control Ward or purchased an Oracle’s Extract

Reward: 500 Blue Essence

Legends of Bilgewater (4 of 4)

Win a PvP game with Fizz on your team OR Deal 40,000 damage to enemy champions

Reward: 500 Blue Essence

Surviving the Slaughter

Win a game of Bilgewater ARAM OR Win 2 PvP games

Reward: Bilgewater Emote

Riot Games via Surrender@20


If you want to take a loot box gamble for some skins, this is your moment. Different loot boxes essentially give different rewards.

Bloodharbor Medallion - 350 RP

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You can only gift these to friends or get these as a drop from the Cursed Capsules. These include one Bilgewater themed skin shard (like Pirate Ryze or Corsair Quinn) and another random skin shard.

Cursed Capsule - 750 RP

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These include a whole ton of stuff. You get one Epic skin shard or better, two random skin shards and 225 Orange Essence guaranteed. You also have a four percent chance of dropping a Bloodharbor Medallion and a two percent chance of getting a Golden Kraken.

Golden Kraken

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These only drop from Cursed Capsules or in one of the pricier bundles. They drop one skin shard, one guaranteed permanent Legendary skin and the loot from a Bloodharbor Medallion. What a treasure!