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How to be the best Star Guardian in the new ‘Invasion’ game mode

Save the world as the Star Guardians

The Star Guardian exclusive game mode, Invasion, is a little bit of fun paired with some weird decisions. But we aren’t here to discuss my thoughts on it, we are here to discuss winning. Essentially, Invasion is a PvE mode (meaning you are fighting AI enemies, not real people) where you roll through the map and fight enemies. It is fairly simple and straightforward, until you get to the final boss that is.

Champion Pool

The Invasion game type only allows you to play with a small group of champions: Ahri, Soraka, Syndra, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Poppy, Lulu, Janna, Lux or Jinx. In case you didn’t put two and two together, all of these champions have Star Guardian skins. When you pick your hero, you will jump into the game and automatically be dressed in your SG skin, whether you own it or not. Happy hunting guardians, the trial is still ahead.

As far as who you want to pick, the decision is yours. Damage is very important in this mode and the faster you can kill large groups of things, the better. Ahri and Lux both seem like great picks, where you probably don’t need a Janna or Soraka. However, if you do decide to take a support, make sure you grab items that increase your healing or shielding potential like Ardent Censor. You should also try and a have someone pick Poppy every game so you have some kind of front-line in the last wave.

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Invasion is wave based, meaning that you will fight for a bit and then get a break. When you first jump in you will have the opportunity to buy items. This makeshift show will then show up between each round. Once everyone is ready, channel on the big star in the middle.

Now you don’t really have to worry about getting gold, as it will be deposited into your account after every round. However, that means there is only so much gold to go around. You want to buy some tankier utility items if you can (like Rylai’s) as well as items that offer move speed (Luden’s Echo). Look for an even split between survivability and damage, as the last wave is harder than it looks.



There are a few different wave types, but most of them boil down to kill all the enemies. That is the main one, but there is a movement mission type where you have to stay inside a circle and survive as it moves along as well as a hold the point type of wave where you must kill enemies without moving much.

Once you complete several waves you will come up against the boss, who was very difficult on the PBE, especially with a uncoordinated team. This involves dodging attacks by hiding behind objects and doing steady damage to the boss. As far as the boss is concerned, stay safe and don’t die. Live first, damage second.


The enemies and “The Big One”

In case you didn’t know, the enemies are just creepy looking models for existing champions. Lucky for us, these enemies function very similarly to their champion models. The Kha’Zix one will disappear and assassinate you, the Skarner one will ulti you and pull you away, you get the idea.

Killing these enemies is as simple as killing the champion in a normal game: deal damage until the health bar hits zero. However, the two outliers are the Rift Herald, which we have already talked about above and the Vel’Koz. The Vel’Koz lobs artillery at you from forever away and deals ludicrous damage. As soon as you see one pop up, you must make it your main target or you and your entire squad will crash and burn. Kill Vel first and then anyone else. He is pretty squishy, so this is not a difficult thing to do.

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The new game mode is paired with the launch of the Star Guardian event that features new skins and missions.