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Influence Points to Blue Essence conversion guide

When IP goes away, what will you get back in exchange?

For those of you not in the know, the new Runes Reforged system will also come with a complete overhaul to League’s economy. Instead of getting IP after every game and spending it on new champions, you will receive Blue Essence (BE), which can be used to buy new champions as well as craft them.

The conversion from IP to BE is 1 to 1 so you have nothing to worry about there. But you may be asking yourself what happens to all those beautiful runes that have spent the past seven years collecting? Will you get anything back from them? Turns out, yes, you will! Although according to several Reddit posts, it isn’t nearly as much as you put in.

All of these numbers are sourced from the Riot Pls video on preseason changes about the conversion as well as Rioter TheCactopus’ comment. The percentages are courtesy of this post by DariusOP on Reddit.

Glyphs, Marks and Seals will give back 100 BE each

For each rune you owned before Season 7 began, you will see a return of 100 BE. The average rune (Seal, Glyph, Mark) costs 410 IP, but some can cost 820. The 100 BE refund is 24 percent of the original cost of 410 IP runes and only 12 percent of the double cost runes.

If you own all the runes, you would have 72 Seals, 57 Marks and 66 Glyphs. Assuming you had all of these before the season started, you would see a refund of only 19,500 BE.

Quintessences will give back 300 BE each

Thankfully, you get a little bit more from Quintessences, 300 BE per to be exact. The average Quintessence costs 1,025 IP, meaning that the refund is about 29 percent of the original cost. However, similar to normal runes, some Quints cost double. A refund for a Quintessence that cost 2,050 IP is about 14.5 percent.

If you owned all 33 Quints, you would see a refund of 9,900 BE. If you owned all the runes and all the Quints before the season started, your total refund would be 29,400 BE.

Each rune page bought with IP will give 1,500 BE back

For every rune page you bought with IP (which costs 6,300 IP in the in-game shop), you will see a return of 1,500 BE, which is about 24 percent of the original cost. Thankfully, for every four rune pages you purchased with RP, Riot will give you a Legendary quality skin. With this particular part, they round up in your favor, so you will still get a Legendary skin if you only bought one rune page with RP and you will get two if you bought five.

Blue Essence you have now will be multiplied by 6.5

The only other thing that should be known is how the already existing Blue Essence will change. All of the BE that you currently have sitting in your crafting tab will be multiplied by 6.5.

This means if you’re sitting on champion shards, you should disenchant them now to get more bang for your buck.

That may be all you need to know, but it is worth noting how bad some of those conversion rates are. Not a single refund makes it past the 30 percent mark. The numbers above may seem big, but those are only for people who have gotten everything and it doesn’t even compare to the total amount spent.

What does your conversion total out to? Do you feel satisfied or bummed? Let us know down below.