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Worlds Crafting 2017: tokens, orbs and more

Collect tokens, turn them into Orbs. You know the drill.

To help celebrate Worlds, Riot has released a new crafting and mission event, similar to the ones we’ve seen in the past. We know all this stuff can get a little confusing at times, so here’s what’s going on.


There will be weekly missions going on during the tournament that focus on these four pillars: skill, resilience, teamwork and courage. These start on September 21.

Completing missions gets you Worlds Tokens and other rewards.

You can buy a Worlds Master Pass for 1,300 RP to unlock a special icon, a gemstone and two more weekly missions (so you get 12 extra missions total). The price of the ticket will scale down to 1,000 RP as the tournament progresses to make up for lost missions.

You can see the full list of missions here. Note that most of them have to be done while equipped with a Worlds icon. The icon you get for free for winning a matchmade game counts.


As usual, you can open up special boxes (or orbs) that give you good loot!

The Worlds Orb is 250 RP and will give you a random skin shard with the bonus chance of also giving you another orb, a gemstone or a Hextech exclusive skin shard.

The Worlds Legacy Orb is 295 RP and drops a random legacy skin shard as well as those nice bonus drops from the Worlds Orb.

Yes, you can pay for Orbs, but you can also craft them out of tokens!


It’s pretty straight forward. Craft loot out of the tokens you got from missions.

The icon, border, chroma and ward skin are all exclusives to this event, so if you want them, you’ll have to complete missions.

All of the tokens expire way after Worlds, on December 7. Just make sure you’ve crafted everything by then.