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Kindred changes: New guide and what’s different in 7.11

They’re the best! Around! And nothing’s ever gonna keep them down!

Kindred has always felt like such an amazing experiment that never quite worked out. They have so many cool ideas in their kit but, similar to Rek’Sai, have struggled with identity for a long time. After all, what exactly are they anyway? They aren’t really an ADC but they aren’t an assassin either. Here in lies the problem.

Riot has attempted to rein in their uniqueness a bit and turn them into more traditional ADCs that belong in the jungle. Hopefully with these changes (to every ability except their ultimate), Lamb and Wolf will finally find a place in the meta rather than just being dragged into games when they are too OP to be ignored.

(Updated) Passive - Mark of the Kindred

Kindred’s AD growth rate has been buffed significantly.

Kindred’s basic attacks do not deal percent of health damage anymore. Instead, the stacking system uniquely amplifies Kindred’s basic abilities. For every four stacks that Kindred acquires, their basic attack and Mounting Dread will gain 25 range. For the first four, Kindred will instead gain 75 range.

Kindred’s Q, Dance of Arrows, will gain a bonus 5 percent attack speed per stack.

Kindred’s W, Wolf’s Frenzy, will deal 0.5 percent increased current health damage per stack.

Kindred’s E, Mounting Dread, will deal 0.5 percent increased missing health damage per stack.

Q -Dance of Arrows (Max first)

Dance of Arrows AD ratio has gone up significantly and the speed at which Kindred dash has increased. After Dance of Arrows is first cast, Kindred will now gain 10 percent attack speed for four seconds.

W - Wolf’s Frenzy (Max second)

Wolf’s Frenzy is now drop-able in a 500 range location, rather than automatically plopping down directly on top of Kindred. The AD ratio has been dropped down a little bit and the output damage has changed from Physical to Magic. Wolf’s attacks will now also deal 1.5 percent of the target’s current health, making it good for tanky targets.

E - Mounting Dread (Max third)

Mounting Dread has had its base damage reduced and its percent of maximum health damage removed. Instead, this ability will deal 8 percent of the target’s missing health, making it good for champions that are close to death. The AD ratio has also been buffed significantly and the speed at which Wolf travels towards his prey has increased.

Wolf now also has a new critical strike mechanic with Mounting Dread. Kindred will get a guaranteed critical strike if the target is below 15 percent health. This crit does a bonus 50% damage. The threshold for this guaranteed crit will increase with Kindred’s critical percent chance. At 100 percent crit chance, Wolf will get a guaranteed critical strike through Mounting Dread on champions below 65 percent.

R - Lamb’s Respite


The Build

With Kindred, we are going to want to build them like an ADC. Lots of attack speed, AD and critical strike.

These are great starter items on Kindred:

  • Hunter’s Machete
  • Potions

This is a great build on Kindred:

  • Bloodrazor
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Infinity Edge
  • Guardian Angel
  • Berserker’s Grieves