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VS. Event: How to craft items and complete missions

This is your best chance at Hextech-exclusive skins.

Riot Games

With the new Yasuo and Riven skins comes an event that lets players choose their side - order or chaos.

Use the new missions system to pick a side, complete missions and get sweet loot.


The first mission simply requires for you to win a matchmade game. After this, you get icons for each side. Nightbringer Yasuo’s icon is for chaos and Dawnbringer Riven’s icon is for order.

Play a game with the icon for the side you want to play for and you’ll get some tokens that you can craft with. Completing one side’s mission for a day disables the other side from being able to be completed for that day.

More missions can be unlocked for your side after you purchase a pass for them for 1300 RP. This also gives a whole plethora of other goodies for the event!



Tokens for your respective side can be earned by completing quests. From there, you can craft them into exclusive loot.


Tokens can be exchanged for goods, including orbs.

Orbs are essentially special boxes that always drops a legacy skin shard, but it also has a chance to drop gemstones, more tokens and one of the Hextech-exclusive skins. Soulstealer Vayne drops from Orbs of Chaos and Hextech Annie comes from Orbs of Order, so that might influence what side you join.


Other than the pass bundles, you can just buy tokens in bundled sets with or without boxes. You can get 140 tokens for 295 RP or 700 tokens (plus 50 bonus tokens) for 1475 RP.

You cannot buy orbs in the shop.

This even will be running until June 29, so get cracking!