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Snowdown 2017 missions guide: how to be naughty or nice

We won’t judge you for what side you pick.

Riot Games

Snowdown, the annual holiday event, has officially started in League of Legends. Whip out your classic Slaybelle icon and jump in those missions to- wait. You’re telling me that I don’t need to equip a specific icon to complete this event’s missions? Hot diggity dog!

After you complete the initial mission, the event branches into two sides. You can be naughty or be nice! The rewards and missions are all fairly similar on both side, though the fourth task will involve playing with specific champions.

The rewards are also reindeer and Braum oriented on the nice side and baron and Draven oriented on the naughty side.

Take a look below for the full mission list.

Starting Mission

Happy Snowdown!

Win two games OR feed a poro in a game where any poro explodes on the Howling Abyss.

Reward: 500 EXP, 250 Blue Essence

Nice Missions

Be Nice

Win three Legend of the Poro King games OR win three ARAM games.

Reward: Reindeer Poro Icon, 100 Blue Essence

Riot Games

Nice Santa (1 of 3)

Get 120 kills and/or assists on Summoner’s Rift OR use 30 poro snax on the Howling Abyss.

Reward: 300 XP, 300 Blue Essence

Nice Santa (2 of 3)

Win five games and place five wards per game OR use Flash 25 times.

Reward: Hextech Chest and Key

Nice Santa (3 of 3)

Get 50 assists, heal 20,000 damage AND win a game with Poppy, Braum or Bard on either team.

Reward: Braumbread emote

Naughty Missions

Be Naughty

Win three Summoner’s Rift games OR Win three ARURF games.

Reward: Baron Poro icon, 100 Blue Essence

Riot Games

Naughty Santa (1 of 3)

Destroy 30 towers as a team OR hit 50 enemy champions with snowballs.

Reward: 300 XP, 300 Blue Essence

Naughty Santa (2 of 3)

Spend 150,000 gold OR deal 300,000 damage to enemy champions.

Reward: Hextech Chest and Key

Naughty Santa (3 of 3)

Kill 200 enemy champions as a team, kill two Barons as a team AND win a game with Jinx, Draven or Veigar on either team.

Reward: Dravenbread emote

Riot Games

Those emotes are just too cute. How can you resist their tiny mustaches?

This event doesn’t have any special crafting aspect, but you can buy bundles that include Gemstones for a limited time and Snowdown Capsules. These capsules are for Riot Points only and contain two or more random champion shards, one guaranteed epic (or higher) skin shard, orange essence and a chance to get a Gemstone and more skin shards.

You can also gift this Baron cookie icon to your friends for 1000 Blue Essence!

Riot Games

Pick a friend, swap icons and enjoy this ... delicious(?) Baron cookie. (Honestly, it’s like, a little bit gross because it’s Baron but it’s cute in its own way.)