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OVERCHARGE game mode guide: how to be the best ADC

Become Overcharged and go hunting for enemy carries!

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PROJECT: Overcharge is League of Legends’ newest game mode and easily one of it’s most fun. It takes place in a futuristic city, across steamy Blade Runner roof tops. The map is Substructure 43, the mode is 3v3, you can only play AD Carries and the goal? A fight to the death between teams, but it isn’t as simple as a deathmatch.

The win condition

In Overcharge, the first team to 50 points wins. Each kill grants one point for your team. However, the mode is called “Overcharge” for a reason. There are little robots floating around the map carrying Overcharge juice ... or something like that. Each bot that your team kills gains you a charge. Once your team has reached five charges, you will become overcharged.

And now the hunt begins.

Spotlights will come down on the map, chasing around the team being hunted (the ones without Overcharge). The Overcharged team, who deal more damage and are invincible for a short period of time, must now hunt and kill the enemy team. Kills when Overcharged are worth five points, making them far more valuable. After a few seconds, the Overcharged team will calm down and return back to normal, resetting their charges back to zero.

The strategy

Kills are fun, but one point is hardly worth the trouble. Instead, you should be spreading your team out across the map and taking down the bots. The team that Overcharges more over the course of a map is almost sure to win. If the enemy team is chasing your team around, do not waste the opportunity to steal a bot from their side of the map.

Once you’re Overcharged, try and stick in a 2 and 1 formation. Have your two players watch two of the three corners together (for added burst) while another player stays on the lonely side. Just have as much team coverage as possible and watch the map. If the spotlight catches an enemy for even a second you need to be watching.

If you’re being hunted, you aren’t doomed. Hide in the smoke bushes as much as you possibly can and watch out for spotlights. The more you can stay still, the better. If you get seen and are being chased, use the blast cones, air vents and flash to pop yourself around the map. There are also Pac-Man-like teleporters from one side of the map to the other. These seem to confuse people so use them often.

Riot Games

Who to pick and what to build

You want to pick AD Carrys that can duel well or have CC. Corki and Ezreal are great, as they’re highly mobile and can duel almost anyone in the match. Draven can burst but has no mobility, which makes him a perfect example of a not great pick. Jhin, on the other hand, may not have great mobility but he can lay down CC and has a long range execute.

In terms of builds, any chance you get to build Duskblade or Infinity Edge you should do it. When you’re Overcharged, the last thing you want is someone getting away from you. The goal should be to mess them up the second you see them, so crit and burst is the way you want to roll.

Happy hunting, summoners.