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Keystone Rune guide: How to use Arcane Comet

What’s it do, what runes should you pair with it and who should wield it?

Arcane Comet is a Keystone designed to deal burst damage. This is for all the champions who hit hard and need a little extra burst to finish the job. If you used to take Thunderlord’s Decree, this is your new rune.

What does it do?

Whenever you hit an enemy with a spell, your champion will fling a comet at the enemy’s target location. This comet deals high damage if it hits and is on a relatively short cooldown.

Which runes go well with it?

With Arcane Comet we want to take runes that increase our AP and the usability of our kit.

The Ultimate Hat should come as no surprise here. The more frequently we cast our ultimate, the faster it comes back. Since so many burst mages rely on their ultimates to deal damage, we want to have them up as often as possible.

Absolute Focus is a perfect fit for Arcane Comet. The goal of a burst mage is to stay in the back and keep healthy while they blow enemies up. Increasing your initial burst with a massive addition to your AP at the start of every fight will help you eliminate foes very quickly.

Gathering Storm is one of those runes that just gets better as the game goes. We want increase our AP as much as possible, pushing the that number up as high as it can go. Gathering Storm will passively help that happen.

The Inspiration tree is our go-to add-on here. Perfect Timing will not only help keep us safe but it’ll make Zhonya’s Hourglass a little cheaper. Cosmic Insight will get you some extra CDR, which will help as you attempt to burst everything in your way.

Who’s it for?

Arcane Comet is for the traditional burst mage. Long range champions with artillery style spells are perfect for this keystone. If you like to stand still and cast spells, this is your rune of choice.

You want to take this rune on champions like:

  • Lux
  • Viktor
  • Xerath
  • Syndra
  • Annie

Xerath seems like an ideal champion champion for Arcane Comet. It essentially gives you a shot of your ultimate every 20 or so seconds. For champions like Viktor and Annie, who are a little shorter range, the CC will almost guarantee an extra hit. On these champs, getting an enemy out of your face quickly is crucial to your survival. Regardless of your range, you should be able to utilize this rune.