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Keystone Rune guide: How to use Electrocute

What’s it do, what runes should you pair with it and who should wield it?

Thunderlord’s Decree has been split into two separate runes this time around. Electrocute is the first and Arcane Comet is the second. Electrocute is for champions that constantly fling multiple abilities at a single target. We’re talking fast, combo based champions that get up in the thick of things.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Electrocute.

What does it do?

After hitting a single enemy champion with three separate attacks or abilities, electrocute them. Electrocute’s cooldown and damage scales off of your level.

Which runes go well with it?

Electrocute is best used by champions that sling a lot of abilities quickly and need a little extra burst.

Taste of Blood will help keep you alive when diving in. Because we’re constantly throwing abilities to proc Electrocute, Taste of Blood will refresh some health every few seconds. Regardless of the champion you pick this up on, you’ll be someone’s target, so staying healthy is key. We’re taking Ravenous Hunter for similar reasons.

Eyeball Collection is going to be the other rune we take here. The champions that will be using Electrocute are going to be going for kills fairly frequently. Being able to stack damage for every takedown is powerful, and the added lethality or magic penetration is great too.

We’re gonna look to the Sorcery tree for our secondary runes. One of our runes will be the Ultimate Hat for ultimate cooldown help. We’ll also be taking Scorch for the extra burn to help secure those kills.

Who’s it for?

Riot Games

This rune is built for spell slingers, but it isn’t necessarily the best option for all of them. Instead, we’re looking toward casters that like to dive in a little closer to the action.

You want to take this rune on champions like:

  • Zed
  • Ezreal
  • Akali
  • Diana

Zed is the ideal champion for this rune. Every time you attack with him you’ll be attempting to auto, E and Q. Each poke should set off Electrocute. Even better, it will help add some unexpected burst before your Ultimate detonates. Champions like Ezreal, Akali and Diana are all great for similar reasons. Every single one of these champions has an ability rotation and the added burst is always a plus.

Dive or shift into combat and stack your abilities as much as you possibly can.