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A guide to Fizz and Ekko’s mini-updates

These assassins-who-used-to-be-built-like-bruisers got some fine-tuning.

Riot Games

Ekko and Fizz have not have not had great years, I mean, both of them have seen gross tank builds in Season 6. So how do they fare after some minor changes this pre-season? Pretty good on all fronts, actually!


Q now applies W bleed to all enemies hit

W now resets basic attack but only applies to next basic, refunds cooldown and cost if it kills a target. Deals extra damage if target has been bleeding for 2 seconds or more.

R no longer increases damage Fizz deals, but does deal increased damage and has larger knockup based on distance traveled. Causes enemies to bleed.

If you played Fizz at all in Season 3, this minor rework should feel fairly familiar to you. He still does lots of damage and is a real pain in the ass to lock down. That being said, he is more about engages and catches than he was before. Because of the shark changes, Fizz is not going to be able to win every duel if he starts up it close and personal. Keep in mind that Fizz will still probably win that duel, it should just be a little less instantaneous. Beware of roaming fishes, ward often.

THE GOAL: Q into your target, walk away. E back onto the target, use W to deal bonus damage. If ultimate is available, go for an unexpected kill. Try and toss the fish as far as you can, outside of vision if at all possible.


Riot Games

Passive slow removed

Q now has better AP scaling

W stun and shield can now be triggered if Ekko travels through it when he uses R, even if he does not land inside of it.

R heal now has better scaling off of AP

Poor Ekko has had a pretty weird year in terms of positions that he has played. Top lane, Jungle. All weird AP bruisers that left you feeling like “this guy is hard to kill, and does a ton of damage for some reason?” Well that reason is because he was designed to be a mid laner, and Riot is bringing him back there. Basically all the balance team did here was do a massive rework on his scaling and ratios, hoping to give players a reason to build AP instead of tank stats. Everything looks good for the boy from Zaun, hopefully, he will get some more time to shine.

THE GOAL: Q forward onto a target, and position yourself so that the Q will hit again on its way back. Use W to zone players back, and then dive them with your E. Feel free to go hard if you have your R, using it to retreat to safety or to double back and deal some extra damage.