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How not to lose quite so hard at Doom Bots of Doom

The Bots are back in town.

UPDATE - This story has been updated below

The Doom Bots of Doom have returned to Summoner’s Rift this year for the Harrowing and we have plenty of footage to show. But the real question is, how do you win this year’s Halloween event?

Watch the Rift Herald try and best the Doom Bots of Dooooooom!

Ryan is about to get beat up on by Doom Bots of Doom...

Posted by The Rift Herald on Thursday, October 20, 2016

You can’t. It’s impossible. Well, it was impossible for me the three times I tried it with a bunch of randoms (and one very sad Lux with “8000” ping).

Things are a little bit different this time around with the Doom Bots. They still have insane versions of the base abilities and stupid high stats, but now there is an objective besides kill their Nexus before they kill yours. Instead, the game just wants you to survive for 15 minutes. Isn’t that easy?

No. It is not easy. After these Doom Bots beat you down for 15 minutes, they all teleport to the middle of the lane to summon Little Devil Teemo himself to just be the worst. This giant Teemo rolls on down mid lane, and you have to kill him in addition to the other Doom Bots of Doom before he reaches, and essentially one-shots, your Nexus. Also Teemo has 50 thousand health and a ton of really painful abilities.

The times that I did best, I was playing a mage with AoE abilities, in these cases, Lux and Viktor. Mages like that give you a lot of damage output and high kill potential on the bots, which is important. You may also want to look into having some solid CC on your team as it can help keep the bots at bay.

Good luck taking on the Doom Bots of Doom. Hopefully you do better than I did!


What was once thought impossible has indeed been proven possible. Two brave souls from this very website (Austen Goslin and I) danced with the devil in the pale moonlight, we stared death itself in the face and didn’t flinch, we killed Little Devil Teemo.

Doom Bots, Rd. 2! FIGHT!

Watch us try (and probably fail) to beat Doom Bots of Doom!

The Rift Herald 貼上了 2016年10月22日

Our winning game starts around the 20 minute mark!

Thanks to some hot tips in our comment sections, we all jumped in with Flash/Smite and boy-howdie Smite makes all the difference against the minions of DOOM. As far as Champion picks go, I have confirmed my suspicions that Mages with wave clear are the way to go! I picked up Ziggs, and being able to keep the Doom Bots of Doom away from the Nexus really helped us out. So check out Ziggs, Anivia, Viktor, and Lux on your next go against the little horned menace!

Now to beat LVL 100...