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Riot has revealed a small part of Volibear’s new reworked kit

Volibear’s rework makes him a lot more feral

Volibear after his rework Image: Riot Games

Riot has revealed Volibear’s new reworked kit — or at least part of it. Volibear’s kit was chosen to get a rework based on a fan vote, which also led to the new version of Fiddlesticks. While Fiddlesticks came out a few weeks ago, it wasn’t until now that we’ve gotten a look at the new and improved Volibear.

The new version of Volibear is scarier, more feral and better fits his status in the lore as a ferocious demigod. New Volibear has crackles of electricity all around his body, matted fur, massive claws, and spikes that stick out of his back.

Volibear’s new model Image: Riot Games

As for his kit, Riot explains that it wanted him to feel relentless. No matter how fast you run away, Volibear will always catch you. Gameplay designer Nathan Lutz explained that this theme means that Volibear’s Q ability remains pretty similar, and he’ll still keep his bite but be able to use it more in fights.

The more mysterious new abilities will be Volibear’s ultimate and his E. Riot VFX artist Neal Wojahn explained that the ability has a complicated series of animations that goes into it, including Freljordian runes, storm clouds, and crackling lighting, but never fully explained what it does. As for the ultimate, there’s barely even a tease.

Volibear’s rewored E
A preview of Volibear’s new E
Image: Riot Games

Riot also gave us a nice tease of the brand-new Eldritch Horror-inspired skin called Thousand Pierced Volibear. All we have for now is splash art, but the skin looks absolutely terrifying. It will be free for any players that already have Volibear, and any players that buy him during the first patch after his rework.

A ghostly bear looks down from  the sky
A tease of the splash art for Thousand Pierced Volibear
Image: Riot Games

Volibear’s rework should be revealed in full soon. After that he’ll make his way to the Public Beta Environment, then live servers a couple of weeks later.