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League of Legends’ season 10 starts on Jan. 10

Get ready for the climb

Rengar’s base splash art Image: Riot Games

The preseason changes are months behind us, we all know about the new dragon soul, and we’ve seen Summoner’s Rift change its shape dozens of times. And that means it’s almost time for the new ranked season to begin. This year’s League of Legends season, which will be season 10, begins on Jan. 10.

This new 2020 season will work almost exactly like last season, which means that everyone will have their rank reset, along with a slight reset on MMR. This reset will be larger for players who are higher ranked, like in Platinum and above, while players Gold and lower shouldn’t get set too far back.

Once the season actually begins, everyone will have to play 10 provisional games to get their new rank and start their annual climb. Just like last year, players will be able to see their provisional rank after the first game, rather than having it hidden from them through all 10 games.

The 2020 season will be divided into three separate splits which each have unique rewards for the players that participate. Last season players would earn progress toward split rewards, like end-game emotes, by playing matches during the split. Each split last season last about three months. Based on Surrender@20, the first split’s rewards will be themed around Aphelios.

An emote of Aphelios with his finger pointing up Image: Riot Games via Surrender@20

Just like every season, you can expect League of Legends season 10 to run from its starting date on Jan. 10 all the way to sometime in November, when the seasons normally end.