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Riot reveals the Fiddlesticks and Volibear champion updates

Both champions will look a lot scarier after their updates

A model for Fiddlesticks’ visual update in League of Legends Image: Riot Games

Riot has finally revealed the new kits and visual redesigns for Fiddlesticks and Volibear. Both champions have been patiently awaiting these updates over the last several months, and they were finally revealed on Tuesday afternoon during the champion-focused portion of Riot’s 2020 season opening celebration.

The new Fiddlesticks design has its emphasis firmly planted in horror. Thanks to his lack of an idle animation, and surprise ultimate, Fiddlesticks was already one of the most terrifying champions in League, but now Riot is leaning into that with his look as well. And his new scarier appearance is thematically relevant to his kit as well, which is now designed entirely around his fear mechanic.

Volibear is also getting a little scarier with his update, but in a very different way. While old Volibear was sagely and armored, new Volibear looks a little more like a real giant warrior bear. He’s traded out his armor for matted fur and giant claws that make him look as fearsome as any champion in League.

At one point, Volibear’s update was planned to receive a more Eldritch horror-themed update, which fans were excited for. While Riot decided to go in a different direction with the final redesign, the Eldritch design will be released as a skin around the same time as the larger visual update, and will be a free gift to players that already own Volibear or buy him when the redesign comes out. Shortly after his release the skin will enter the shop as a standard skin.

The final announcement from the Champions in Season 2020 video is that there will be another fan vote held later this year to decide which champion to update next. An earlier vote is what helped Riot choose Volibear and Fiddlesticks for their current updates, and later this year fans will have the chance to choose which Champion should be next in line for the redesign treatment.