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Eternals are getting changed, following player complaints

Types of Eternals will be separated, with one type being available to purchase with BE

A stone statue bust holds up a bowl of blue fire Riot Games

Last week, Riot Games announced a champion-specific achievement system called Eternals. However, due to the high pricing and how generic some of the achievements were, players had complaints. Riot addressed those complaints and released a list of changes coming to the system before it goes live.

Eternals will now be split between Common and Unique types. Common Eternals will be ones that are more generic, like kill or assist counts. These will be able to be purchased with Blue Essence whenever the BE Imporium goes up. Unique Eternals will all be themed specifically for the champion, like Sylas’ “stop hitting yourself” achievement, which counts how many times you kill an opponent with their own ultimate.

Common Eternals will also be able to be purchased for 225 RP for those who don’t want to wait for them to go up for sale for 3,500 BE during the shop season. Unique Eternals will be available in sets of three for 590 RP, down from its previous 850 RP price.

Riot also notes in the announcement post that they’re looking into ways to have discounted multi-champion bundles in the future, for people who want show off that they’re good at multiple champions.

Eternals is live now on the Public Beta Environment and should be moving to live servers soon.