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New Eternals feature introduces champion-based achievements to League of Legends

Finally, a way to show that I am the TRUE Soraka one-trick!

A statue of a woman holds up a green flame Riot Games

Riot Games announced a new way to show off how good you are on your favorite champions: Eternals, a champion-based achievement system.

Eternals will be purchasable with RP to activate ways to show off how good you are at your favorite champions, but as of writing this, it’s not specified how much it’ll cost or what exactly you’re buying.

The six different Eternals are The Warden, The Protector, The Empress, The Guide, The Warrior, and The Trickster. Each champion will fit into one of these categories, and they’ll keep tabs on how you’re succeeding or pulling off special tricks on your champ.

While specific details won’t be around until the special system is up for testing, Riot uses Sylas as an example in the /dev blog announcing Eternals:

For example, we worked with players to find the right balance between broadly-appealing accomplishments, like kills and takedowns, and unique, champion-specific moments, like Sylas’s “Stop Hitting Yourself,” an Eternal which tracks how many times Sylas kills an enemy with their own ultimate.

Don’t worry about having your teammates run off to just try to complete these achievements, though. None of the achievements will encourage bad behavior or trolling in game.

Powering up your Eternal will reward you with special cosmetics, like an upgraded Mastery emote, so you can show off that you are the best Soraka one-trick around, if you want.

Eternals is moving on to the Public Beta Environment for testing this week, with an aimed launch for patch 9.17.