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Twisted Treeline is going away at the end of season 9

Rest in peace, 3v3s

Beyond the trees, the purple-hued map of Twisted Treeline waits Riot Games

Following Riot Games’ announcement about Teamfight Tactics becoming a permanent addition to League of Legends, the company also delved a bit more into the other game modes in its latest /dev diary. Sadly, Twisted Treeline was confirmed to be getting cut from the game.

The game’s 3v3 mode is going to be removed by the end of the year, and while getting gold or higher in the game mode will still reward you with a Victorious skin, it will no longer award a separate chroma skin.

While Twisted Treeline did have dedicated players, many people used the game mode as a simple and fast way to level up accounts or to as an easier way to claim ranked rewards. The boss monster of the map, Vilemaw, will certainly be missed. We’ll have to load up into a game and watch it dance one last time.

Riot also noted that Nexus Blitz would return as a temporary game mode in the future, and ARAM will continue to get updates to keep the game mode healthy. URF, or some form of it, will return at least once before the year ends. At least other game modes will live on in place of Twisted Treeline.