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Pantheon’s reworked ability kit revealed

Don’t worry, he’s still got his jump and his spear

Pantheon’s base splash art, where he’s shimmering and glowing in front of a menacing Aatrox in the background Riot Games

Pantheon’s kit may not be very complicated but his simple abilities have become pretty iconic. With his rework, which Riot teased several months ago and revealed on Monday morning, Pantheon’s iconic abilities are getting a few changes, but you should still be able to recognize them.

The only ability of Pantheon’s that’s stayed relatively the same is TKTK. Other than that there are a few changes to each of Pantheon’s abilities, and even a new passive to help keep things interesting.

Passive: Mortal Will

After five basic attacks or ability casts, Pantheon’s next basic ability (Q, W, or E) is empowered.

Q: Comet Spear

Tap: Pantheon strikes in a direction, damaging all enemies in a line.

Hold: Pantheon throws his spear in a line.

Empowered: Enemies take extra damage and are slowed.

W: Shield Vault

Pantheon leaps to a target enemy, dealing damage and stunning them.

Empowered: Pantheon’s next basic attack hits three times, each at reduced damage.

E: Aegis Assault

Pantheon sets his shield in a direction, gaining invulnerability to damage from enemies in that direction and dealing damage continuously. The last hit is extra powerful and still activates if E is canceled early.

Empowered: Aegis Assault lasts longer.

R: Grand Starfall

Pantheon leaps into the air and then hurtles back toward a target location, damaging enemies as he passes through. Mortal Will activates immediately when he lands.