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New design process video shows first look at Pantheon’s rework

Pantheon is back and he still jumps and crashes down

We’ve known Pantheon was getting a rework and now we’re getting the first look at the design process behind the updated helmet-hero.

The video talks about making Pantheon less of a faceless, helmeted warrior and more of a one-man army. The new design that we see from concepts in the video is much more godly, giving a bigger spotlight to the Aspect of War, a god-like entity that he works with, similarly to Leona and Diana working with the sun and moon.

Based on the video, Pantheon’s spear throw is now a skill shot and his ultimate ability lands at an angle, with a bigger area to hit enemies. His stun also seems to still allow him to leap around, but the exact conditions to proc a stun are unknown. The designers in the video do note that all of his skills have changed.

That being said, it’s likely that Pantheon’s rework is going to get a full reveal soon, so all of our questions will eventually be answered.