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League of Legends finally has a new death recap

It’s been so long

Riot Games via Polygon

At long last, Riot Games has upgraded League of Legends’ death recap and it’s beautiful.

The old death recap was generally wrong about what killed you. At times, it said that summoner spells like Flash or Cleanse did damage to you. Times when it got the skills right, it just was generally unhelpful, as it didn’t really break down the damage done from what skills properly.

I had Austen brutally murder me, an innocent Soraka player, to test this.
Riot Games via Polygon

The new death recap shows how long it took for you to die and even breaks down the damage by type. Each of Nidalee’s skills are even labeled with the buttons they’re associated with, so you can see all the damage done in her different forms. Nice!

Now players can truly see how broken assassin champions are when they get nuked or they can measure how long it really took for that Rengar to pop them. Thank you, Riot, for finally giving us the death recap we needed.