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More free League of Legends Twitch Prime loot available now

Free skin shards and penguin emotes!

Riot Games

Another bundle of loot has released for Twitch Prime users who play League of Legends.

Starting now, subscribers can redeem one special loot capsule, and in 30 days they can claim another. There are two more capsules available to claim 60 days and 90 days after claiming the first capsule, with the 90 day capsule having the best loot in it.

The Rift Herald’s Capsule, Red Buff’s Capsule, and Blue Buff’s Capsule all give the same type of drops. Each gives one Legendary skin shard, two random skin shards, and one exclusive emote. The Baron’s Capsule drops one full Legendary skin, one random skin shard, and another exclusive emote.

To claim your loot, you’ll have to just claim them on this page. You’ll be asked to link your League account to your Twitch account so the goods can be delivered.

That being said, if you want the best loot, you’ll have to stay subscribed to Twitch Prime for at least 90 days. (In our personal opinions, the Rift Herald Capsule should be the best one, not the first introductory one. Ahem.)

Twitch Prime memberships cost $10.99 on their own, but are an added perk if you already have Amazon Prime.