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Unbalanced and unused League items will be removed in future update

They’ll be replaced with more items after the shop gets cleaned up

Riot Games

In a recent forum post, Riot Scruffy announced that the League of Legends in-game item shop is getting a much needed clean up. This means that items that don’t quite fit the game anymore will be removed.

Scruffy notes that this means items that are unhealthy, rarely used, too similar to another item, and items that don’t add anything to the game will be removed. Once the space in the shop clears up, Riot will go back to the drawing board to create new items to replace them.

Item diversity has been an issue in League of Legends a lot. One build nearly always trumps another, with lethality and critical strike weaving in and out of the meta. This will hopefully create some form of consistency in the game.

There’s no word yet specifically on what items are going to be removed, but we can expect more information to come soon.