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New video teases upcoming book support champion, Yuumi

The book is sentient

A new video teaser surfaced, giving us a new batch of hints about the upcoming book support.

The video has somebody, presumably Yuumi, talking to the book, and both seem to be from Bandle City, judging by the familiar symbol and portal imagery. The book and the speaker talk about where to go to find a lost master, and the pages turn, revealing many different parts of Runeterra. The speaker notes to bookmark a page for fish, leading us to believe that the new champion is for sure some kind of cat creature.

The voice is cute and small sounding, which means that we’re likely going to get another more family-friendly champion like Neeko or Zoe.

That all being said, this champion should be revealed soon enough, now that we’re getting actual teasers for them. We can probably expect the champion to be revealed in time for the patch 9.10 Public Beta Environment cycle, so stay tuned.