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Shiny emblem teases Marvel comic about Lux

Lux is the next character to get a comic series

Riot Games

A teaser went up across the League of Legends social media channels showing a shining golden emblem.

The golden emblem ends up cracking and breaking in the short teaser, but the short video clip doesn’t actually show much. It’s unknown what any of this could point to.

We know it probably isn’t be the new champion, who has been teased as a book-related creature — possibly a yordle. This golden crest could be the champion’s symbol, but the style is very different from what we’ve seen in the past.

Riot has announced shonen anime-inspired skins with an academy theme in the past, so this could very well be that, with this bird being the crest of the school. The talk about light breaking the emblem points us towards Lux, but it couldn’t ... possibly be another Lux skin, could it? Lots of things have light, right ...?

No matter what it is, all will be revealed Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET.

Update: This teaser is for Marvel’s next collaboration with Riot Games: a comic focused on Lux. Similarly to Ash’s comic, Lux will get a mini series about her story starting on May 8. The headline has been updated to reflect this, but you can still see the original story above.