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Pantheon is getting a full visual and gameplay rework

This rework is more about modernizing his kit than changing it completely

Riot Games

Pantheon is one of League of Legends’ oldest champions and, for the most part, he’s remained mostly unchanged for quite a few years now. But according to the newest Champion Roadmap, Riot has finally decided that it’s time to give the old warrior a face-lift in the form of a full rework.

There aren’t many details in the rework, but it looks like he’ll keep most of the same identity. According to the post, Riot is looking to modernize his kit, more than change it completely. He’s still going to be a Greek-adjacent warrior who carries around a spear and shield — which Riot says it would like to better integrate into his new kit. More importantly, it looks like he still has a penchant for jumping since some version of his Grand Skyfall looks to still be around, if his art is any indication at least.

Other than that, Riot isn’t giving us too many hints about what exactly this new version of Pantheon’s new kit might be like the roadmap does mention that he’s going to get a complete visual overhaul though. Fortunately, Riot gave us a little more information about other reworks that are on the way including Mordekaiser’s.