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Blitzcrank passive and ultimate changes move to PBE

No more random little zaps!

Riot Games

Blitzcrank is getting some much needed changes on the Public Beta Environment, including tweaks to his passive and the passive that’s part of his ultimate.

Riot Maxw3ll, a new additions to the champions team, took to the forums to explain Riot’s goal with their Blitz changes. He notes that they want to make the passive more consistent and make his ultimate passive more useful and less frustrating.

The changes are as follows:

Passive: Mana Barrier

Shield Strength: 50% of current mana -> 30% of Max Mana

Ultimate: Static Field

New Passive: While Static Field is active, lightning charges Blitzcrank’s fists, marking enemies he attacks. After 1 second, marked enemies take 50/100/150 + 30%AP magic damage.

That being said, Blitz will no longer do those random little zaps, but he’ll deal quite a bit more damage and be way more useful in fights.

These changes should be moving on to the PBE soon, and they’ll be tested and tweaked before moving to live servers.