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League of Legends ranked splits: What you need to know

You won’t need to do placements every split

Riot Games

With the 2019 ranked season starting, a lot of players have been a bit confused on what their ranks mean now and how the new seasons work, with splits being introduced. To clear the air, here’s the most important things you need to know about ranked splits.

You won’t need to place every split

No, you will not have to complete your placements every split. You just need to place at the beginning of the season. Splits starting and ending will not reset your rank. So if you hit Gold now, you technically don’t have to rank for the rest of the season if you just want the Victorious skin.

There won’t be breaks between splits

Splits will start immediately, one after another, according to this /dev diary post. There won’t be any downtime or small offseasons between splits.

You earn specific rewards each split

The incentive to rank each split is brought by having special rewards for ranking a certain amount. For all the games you play, you might get a new icon, emote, or an improvement to your “ranked armor,” the little helmet-thing that’s on your profile. You can see how close you are to the next reward in the “ranked” section on your profile.

Riot Games

The transition to ranked splits can be confusing, especially if you’re comparing it to the seasonal splits we see in the esports side of League. But don’t worry — your rank and hard work will not go to waste just because the ranked season is broken up.