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A first look at Kayle and Morgana’s reworks hits social media

The two sisters return

A new trailer previewing Kayle and Morgana’s rework has been uploaded to the official League of Legends weibo. The two champions have gotten new looks, still reminiscent of their motifs, as well as a bunch of new skills for Kayle.

It looks like Kayle gets a truely seraphic form when she uses her ultimate and she still has her warrior-esque helmet. She still seems to have her ranged attacks and invulnerability, but also has an interesting skill that causes arrows to rain down from the sky. Her wings do change colors as the video goes on, but we’ll have to see the full kit to understand what all that means for sure.

Morgana’s look is extremely similar to what we have on live servers now, but is modernized and updated. Her skills also appear to be mostly the same, with new graphics and sounds.

Kayle and Morgana’s rework should be fully revealed soon, with a release on to live servers coming in following weeks.

Update: The other region’s social media accounts have begun to push out the video teaser. The headline has been adjusted to reflect this.