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Riot Games is changing its premium currency to ‘RP’ from ‘Riot Points’

Future Riot games will have different currencies

Riot Games

During the League of Legends 10-year anniversary stream Riot announced a few new games, and tons of changes coming to League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. But those aren’t all the changes the company has in store. On Thursday afternoon, it announced that it is changing the name of its currency in all present and future games.

According to this decision was made largely because some platforms like Android and iOS don’t allow currencies to cross over to other platforms. In other words, if in the future you buy a currency for Wild Rift, it isn’t going to show up in your desktop League of Legends client. Because of that, it seems that Riot figured it should have different names for different platform’s currencies.

The desktop versions of League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics will still have the same currency, sort of. It won’t be called Riot Points, but it will still be called RP, so you don’t have to worry about changes to Riot’s in-game currency just yet.

Players who have gotten the chance to check out the Legends of Runeterra card game may have noticed that the game already features a currency different from RP. Instead the currency is referred simply as “Coins.” But Coins are available at exactly the same rate as RP, at least in the current test version in North America.

The Legends of Runeterra premium currency screen Riot Games via Polygon

As for what future games might have, and whether currencies will work for more than one game, we’ll have to wait until closer to their releases to find out.