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Senna is the next League of Legends champion

Lucian’s wife is out of the lantern

Senna will make her debut as a playable champion in League of Legends, Riot announced via the game’s 10th anniversary stream. While Lucian fought against Thresh, he got a good hit on the lantern, releasing many capture souls — including his wife’s.

Senna will be a support marksman, meaning that players should take her into support rather than as an AD carry. She uses a gigantic railgun to fire off her abilities, so yes, Lucian will still get to keep her old gun. Sweet!

She’s been teased through a variety of means, including a mysterious smog on Summoner’s Rift, in the last week or so. She ended up being semi-confirmed by an accidental Worlds 2019 mission that went on to the Chinese Public Beta Environment that dropped her name.

Not much about Senna is known other that she’s out of Thresh’s lamp, she’s a support, and she’s ready to kick butt. She’ll be moving on to the Public Beta Environment on Oct. 28.