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Lucian’s wife, Senna, is likely the next League champion

Back from the lamp!

One of Lucian’s guns sits atop a grave for Senna, his wife Riot Games

A handful of new League of Legends content paired with one accident on the Chinese Public Beta Environment, seems to suggest that Senna, Lucian’s long-lost wife, will be the next new champion.

One of the hints pointing to this is the fact that the League of Legends Facebook page reshared a meme from four years ago about Thresh, Lucian, and Senna’s relationship. (Thresh trapped Lucian’s wife, Senna, in his lantern.) However, the post has been deleted and replaced with a lot of other random reshares of memes and comics from throughout the years.

There’s also been an ominous dark green smog appearing on Summoner’s Rift when you spawn in randomly. The color is reminiscent of the designs we see associated with the Shadow Isles and Lucian’s original login animation.

Lucian’s story was also updated today and we only get story updates when related champions or reworks are getting released, most of the time.

The most damning evidence of all, however, is the fact that Senna’s name popped up on the Chinese Public Beta Environment as a requirement to complete a Worlds 2019 mission.

Senna is coming, unless Riot is just purposely trolling us, and the leaked champion splash art we saw before is likely her. Our only question is when we’ll see her full reveal.