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Here’s how Sylas’ Hijack works with unique League ultimate abilities

No one is safe from hijacking. Not even Udyr.

Riot Games

Sylas, League’s newest champion, can hijack ultimates from enemy champions and use them for himself. Very unfair, in our opinion! No one told him he could do that. Rebellion is kind of Sylas’s thing, though, and he’s going to steal those ultimates anyways ... even the weird ones that don’t seem to be easily steal-able, like Kalista or Udyr. We’ve assembled all of the weird edge case Sylas ults we could so that when he hits live, you’re ready to hijack as much as you want without any surprises.


It looks like Sylas’s version of Orianna’s ultimate isn’t going to involve moving the ball around, the ultimate will just cast as if the ball was over his head.


Kalista’s Black Spear makes her ultimates one of the most challenging for Sylas to plan around. When a Kalista is in the game, Sylas starts with a Black Spear in his inventory, forcing him to make a similar choice to Kalista. He can’t grab just anyone on his team; he needs to swear an Oath to one team member to throw them around later.

Karma and Heimerdinger

Upon Hijacking Karma or Heimerdinger, Sylas gets access to their empowered abilities and can cast one of them. This means he can put down a giant Heimer turret or Mantra-E his team for the shields and speed boosts before returning to his normal kit.

Corki and Teemo

Sylas receives their ultimate with a maximum amount of stored charges to deploy.

Elise, Nidalee, Shyvana, and Jayce

Upon stealing a transformation ultimate with Hijack, Sylas gets access to their entire transformed kit until transforming out, allowing him to play as Cat Nidalee, Spider Elise, Shyvana’s dragon form, or Ranged Jayce.


Hijacking Udyr gives Sylas Phoenix Stance, which stacks with Petricite Blast. Bird is truly the word.


Sylas steals the most recently used ability by LeBlanc and gains access to the empowered version of that ability.


For Gnar, Sylas gets his ultimate when transformed allowing Sylas to throw enemy champions and stun them if they are thrown into walls.


Sylas gets bonus attack damage and his Q turns him invisible, just like Vayne’s.


Sylas teleports behind his target, just as Zed would, applies Death Mark and even gets the bonus AD that the ability grants if it secures a kill.


Sylas gains ranged auto attacks, with the same particle that Twitch uses, and they go through enemies just like Twitch’s would. However, Sylas’s range isn’t quite as long as Twitch’s.


Sylas gains a trail behind him and is able to use his ult to travel back to it just like Ekko.


Sylas’s version of Anivia’s ultimate works exactly like the original. But be careful, that also means it burns mana just as fast.

Tahm Kench

This one actually works exactly the way you think it should. Sylas is able to eat teammates and quickly take them and himself across the map.


When Sylas uses a stolen Swain ultimate, he automatically gets full stacks, regardless of how many stacks Swain has.


Sylas gets the cannon barrage, but none of the upgrades that Gangplank may have purchased.


Kha is one of the few champions that has some effect on what ultimate Sylas ends up with. If Kha has upgraded his ultimate when Sylas steals it, Sylas will also be able to activate the ability three times, rather than just once.

Kog’Maw and Kassadin

If Sylas steals Kog’Maw or Kassadin’s ult he only gets one use of the ability.


If Sylas ults Illaoi he gets to spawn tentacles just like she does. The only problem is that he can’t actually control them, so it does almost nothing.


This works the way you would expect it to, right down to the ability to use it on a drake to take control of its ghost.