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Project, Arcade, Star Guardian, and Versus events to return

Your beloved skin lines and events will return later in 2019!

Riot Games

Last year was a doozy in League for events. We got Nexus Blitz, the Odyssey event, and the return of a pass-system for Worlds and Snowdown Showdown. Riot Games confirmed in a video that 2019 will have even more events, focused around the skin lines players already know and love.

Versus, Project, Arcade, and Star Guardians will get new skins and events in 2019. We didn’t see too many of these lines in 2018, while Riot reminded us that the return of specific skin lines shouldn’t be expected every year.

The video also noted that the Versus theme will be “Cats versus Dogs,” which has us scratching our heads. Rengar is a cat, but his rival, Kha’Zix, is certainly not a dog. Nasus is a dog, but his rival, Renekton, certainly is not a cat. Nidalee is a cat? Ahri is technically based off of a canine? Did they just show off a skin that’s Fizz as a dog? I guess we’ll find out in due time.

Riot Games