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Everything we know about Kayle and Morgana’s rework

We finally have our first details on what these reworks will look like

Riot Games

The reworks for Kayle and Morgana are the next champion releases up for League of Legends. While we’ve known about these two reworks for quite a while, we didn’t get details until today’s Champion Roadmap revealed a little bit more information.

The two reworks will apparently be released at the same time marking a first for Riot’s reworked champions. Both champions seem to be keeping most of their core identity but looks like they’ll get pretty significant upgrades both in terms of visuals and in their kits. Their reworks are designed by Rioter August Browning, who’s known for his work on Vi, Jinx, Gnar, Ekko, and Jhin.

Morgana appears to be getting a mostly a visual update, with changes to make her ultimate more rewarding.

Meanwhile, Kayle is getting some more significant changes, with a complete visual and gameplay update, though they plan on keeping some of her supportive side, as well as having her still be focused on auto attacks.

Both Kayle and Morgana are two of League’s oldest champions and haven’t seen too many changes since their original launch, so it’s good to see Riot finally giving them some attention. It’s unclear exactly when these reworks will be out, but since they’ve already been revealed it could be as soon as one of the next few patches.